Serine bonnist line drawing

Framed Line Drawing By Serine Bonnist

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Serine Van Embden Bonnist (1915-2008) was born in the Netherlands. She started painting at a young age in Amsterdam at the Academy and at the Nieuwe Kunstschool.  She continued her studies in Paris at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and as a full time student of the Beaux Arts.  After Serine and Donald moved to America, Serine continued her studies in NYC with Tschacbasov at the Art Students League. She painted with Kantor, Vytlacil; studied graphics with Sternberg and sculpture with Crefeld and Helen Belling. She pulled her limited edition litho prints at Atelier “Mourlot.” 

In the words of Serine, “Although every artist has a personal way of expression, I feel that originality has always been a reflection of the total mind of the artist. Intellect can be a heavy burden when it suppresses creativity, but a vast reserve of knowledge, when submerged in the unconscious can evolve into exuberance and excitement far beyond reality and technicality.”

  • Netherlands
  • 1915-2008
  • marker on paper
  • original line drawing
  • 16" x 22"